Java Programming

If you are new to programming in the Java programming language (Java) and have some experience with other languages, the Java and Java Basics sections of my blog could be for you. They walk through how to use the Java Platform software to develop a basic network application that uses common Java platform features.

These sections are not comprehensive, but instead take you on a straight and uncomplicated path through the more common features available in the Java platform. This tutorial is a learning tool and should be viewed as a stepping-stone for persons who find the currently available materials a little too overwhelming to start with.

Unlike other more reference-style texts that provide a lot of definitions and concepts at the beginning, these sections take a practical approach. By the time you finish, you should have enough knowledge to comfortably go on to other Java programming language learning materials and continue your studies.

If you have no programming experience at all, you might still find this tutorial helpful; but you also might want to take an introductory programming course before you proceed.

Java Basics